The Retainership Agreement

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This document is the binding force for and on all Retainership Agreement – RA between Fhobs Solutions and / or its subsidiaries whether individuals or cooperate organizations.

This document is official and legal tender, additionally any other signed document (s) in connection to Retainership Agreement between Fhobs Solutions any other party by relevant representatives shall be valid but subject to the overall tenets of this official document and its signed agreements of the said document (s) shall be followed and enforced.

Consider the following items that make up this official document in agreement and addition to the things that have been said herein;

Item 001:

This shall be a hard copy document containing the details and extent to which the retainership shall cover. This document shall be duly signed by both parties and copies shared.

Item 002: High Profile Solution – HPS (s)

Definition: A high profile solution shall be any service deliveries including directly or indirectly politics or politician (s), governance, big / well known business or business person, prominent personality like traditional rulers, popular artists, celebrities, movie stars, famous comedian, musicians etc. religious organizations, clergymen/women.  

Act HPS:

The business or person to whom this service is to be provided shall provide the following in addition to whatever shall be in the agreement document signed by parties;

  • Provides a browsing mobile phone and its accessories with MTN Sim card to Fhobs Solutions for the purpose of rendering the agreed service (s)
  • Shall provide Data and Call airtime for the phone above (1) on monthly basis as follows; data (10GB), Call airtime (1,000 naira) on monthly basis for as long as the retainership shall last
  • May have to provide a dedicated laptop in case of overwhelming sensitive information and high volume of information to process

Item 003: Services or solutions to be Covered by the Retainership Agreement

 The volume and scope of the services to be covered by this Retainership Agreement shall be specially highlighted in the Agreement Document 001 which shall be a hard copy signed by Fhobs Solutions’ representative the first party on one part and the second party being the client on the other part.  However, services not covered in the Item 001 when needed by the client shall attract its own conditions and charges by Fhobs Solutions.

Item 004: Cost Implications for the Retainership Agreement

The charges shall be agreed upon in the item 001 and Fhobs Solutions shall not request for any other payment aside what is mentioned in the agreement just as the client shall not request for any service not mentioned in the items 001.

Act 004: Payment Conditions

Kindly take note of the followings;

  • Our Retainership Payment is Pre-Service; this means you will be required to make the payment before the retainership commences
  • In some cases you will be required to pay retainership fee for at least six (6) months before the commencement, this is however at the discretion of Fhobs Solutions

Item 005: Commencement of the Retainership Agreement

The Retainership shall come into effect not more than 24 hours from the time the first payment is confirmed for the retainership is confirmed.

Item 006: Termination of the Retainership Agreement

The retainership shall be free to be terminated by either parties especially due to any or all of the followings;

  • Fhobs Solutions can terminate if the client refuses to pay the cost of Retainership Agreement; in fact there is no retainership if the pre-service payment is not confirmed
  • The client can terminate if he/she feels the services delivered is not meeting his/her expectation, however this can be discussed and strategies reviewed for better service delivery


Our Intension for this Retainership Agreement-RA is to ensure you have better ICT services business and otherwise at an affordable cost.

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