For International, PRO and the General Public Use;

Interpretation of Our Computer Training Grading Scale;

This is the Public Official View (POV) of the Interpretation of our computer Certificates Grading Scale, the information here is to assist educational bodies, cooperate bodies and our partners to be able to understand how we grade our Certificates for the purpose of academic decision making and other issues thereby related. 

The Major Contents of Our Certificate

Our Computer Certificates must contain the following information below to be valid, and any alteration on the certificate renders it automatically invalid. The main information to look out for are as follows; 

  1. Our Cooperate Identity (Name/Logo, motto, address, contact Address, Contact phone number, website, official Email) 
  2. Student’s Name in Full (this must be without Alteration with the surname in Caps)
  3. A recent Passport Photograph of the Student affixed on the certificate
  4. Certificate ID; this is usually the Registration Number of the student
  5. Course Title: (this is the name of the completed Course)
  6. Date of Course Completion
  7. Final Grade Obtained by the Student
  8. Signature of the Director of Studies for Fhobs Solutions
  9. Our Cooperate Seal
  10. Interpretation of Our Grading Scale
  11. Our Cooperate Stamp

How we Calculate our Grades

Firstly the overall Grade is the cumulative of the student’s test, in-class assessment and final exams specially evaluated by our team of ICT professionals/tutors to arrive at the figures used to rate the student’s final performance, it is a rigorous exercise that brings out the student’s best performance or otherwise;


This is the cumulative of test, class-assessment and final exam (100 MARKS)

91-100 MARKS DISTINCTION This person is highly proficient, capable of manipulating the learnt applications, work independently and able to teach others.
71- 90 MARKS EXCELLENT This person understands with a good practical skill the covered course (s). This person can work with the computer system efficiently in the office. Though cannot teach others
55-70 MERIT This is a moderate computer user, this person is not so versatile but can use the learnt application with little assistance once in a while
0-54 PASS This person is a low-level user as he/she will depend heavily on assistance to be able to use the  computer


Any individual, institution or businesses who needs further clarification on any of our certificate submitted especially if trying to confirm the validity of the certificate should contact the Director of Studies of FHOBS Solutions by emailing the CERT. NO written on the certificate to: , or call: +2349037672796 for immidiate assistance. 

We urge all and sundry to give a helping hand to anyone legitimately in possession of our certificate.