Rule of Engagement for Fhobs Adhoc Staff and Freelancers

I am Mr. Aisabolouokpia Fredrick and I am super excited to have you join us at FHOBS Solutions, I will like you to know that our growth is your growth and whatever input you will make in the overall attainment of the aims, objectives and general goodwill of FHOBS Solutions shall be handsomely rewarded and the least is that on our part we shall keep to our agreement; the ones we discussed in my office, on phones, via WhatsApp whether documented here or not.

Below are the overall rules of engagement for the role you are taking in our company;

  1. You are not to have private training and /or any other kind of business discussion with any of our students whether in the former of separate extra class, additional training or otherwise without seeking the consent and proper approval from FHOBS Solutions (CEO)
  2. You are not to seek financial assistance from any of our students or discuss anything financial with them under any condition.
  3. You are free to have our students contact number solely for the purpose of training and training related communication.
  4. You are to ensure professional delivery of your lecture and overall training
  5. Sales of handouts and other learning materials is the prerogative of FHOBS solutions, if you have any useful ideas in that regards it should be discussed with the CEO of Fhobs Solutions. This means under no circumstance should you give handouts, learning materials to any of our students without approval from Fhobs Solutions.
  6. Your renumeration / commission will be made twice and as follows; (a) 55% will be paid after two weeks of training commencement and (b) the balance 45% will be paid at the completion of the training.

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