If You Want To Relocate Out Of Nigeria,

If You Want To Relocate Out Of Nigeria, study abroad is one of the Safest Approach to Deploy and strategically engaged.

   Do you know that thousands of Nigerians gain VISAs to study abroad every year? 75% out of these people are going for undergraduate courses, 20% usually for masters and doctorate courses, while the remain 5% is grabbed by those going for professional courses.


   But interestingly, millions of Nigerians actually compete for the limited space available and hence the competition is keenly competed for and hustled out. Moreso, only those who understand the nitty – gritty of the competition can win and come out smiling.


   This is where Fhobs Solution comes in; we are here to participated in the competitions on your behalf and give the crown to you at the end of the competition.

       Like you know, every competition has it rules, it dos & dons, to avoid been kick out, one most compete favorably especially in accordance to the rules of the game.

    Fhobs solution is fully involved with study abroad processes and if you engage us, we assure you that we will deliver adequately: Check out the type of study VISAs we process currently;

  • ITALY LANGUAGE STUDY: We will assist you secure a place to study Italian language in any choice city in Italy for 6 months or 9 months if you desire to relocate to Italy, you can within this 6/9 months process it through the assistance of a law firm based in Italy. Our Study abroad package for Italy Language Study covers admission application, visa process, and flight ticket procurement.


  • USA: If you want to study in USA, you will be required to write and pass two major exams; TOEFL & SAT. The result from these exams will enable us process your scholarship or apply for any program of your choice.


The major important thing you need to know here is that you must return to Nigeria after your study (2019), though you can re-apply for additional studies. This protocol is consistent with USA.


  • CANADA: Yes! Canada has lots of schools and great offer for those that are strictly seeking relocations with intentions of working. To apply for any course here you will be required to write and pass IELTS or TOEFL exams. Once we clear your exam we will handle the rest for you.


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