Entrepreneurs Website Opportunities: ewo

The latest website Development opportunities for young entrepreneurs and SMEs that are based in Nigeria

ewo is a special project designed for entrepreneurs in Africa, especially young entrepreneurs. ewo seeks to develop professional, dynamic, tailored websites for young entrepreneurs at very affordable rates.

The Benefits for ewo

  1. Low cost, dynamic websites
  2. Free Website Administrative services
  3. To help entrepreneurs combat the problem of invisibility
  4. To enable entrepreneurs bring their products and services to the international community.

The ewo project; was birthed from my desire to see that every young business have the opportunity to be visible on the internet by building business website for such business. Furthermore; this is why our cost price for developing business website for young entrepreneurs is very different.

Moreso, the important of website cannot be overemphasized especially in this age and time where everyone is on the internet through mobile phones, ipads, tablets and other computerized gadgets.

Google which is one of the best search engine has also come with a specially google brand; i.e. google Nigeria, in such a way that makes it easy, faster and more local content base when you are searching for business that is domicile in Nigeria.

See Samples of the websites we built and still manage for some of our clients recently:






and many more

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Or visit our website: www.fhobs.com.ng

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