B2B Partners With Fhobs Solutions

We are currently giving business owners in different cities the opportunity to make serious money from our business activities and our partnership with British Council and thereby increasing their fund-base for their businesses and self.

This first Phase is for those who have centers that can be used for training and can become trainers themselves or hire trainers.

The Products/Services

The product and service you are to market is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The IELTS which is an international exam is taken nationally in Nigeria by those who intend to travel abroad either for studies or for work. Currently we are assisting nurses to get jobs in UK and also we are assisting Teachers to be able to teach anywhere in the world after taken the required professional courses and exams.

The IELTS have two major brands

  1. Standard IELTS: This is accepted by more than 150 institutions and countries combined but UK does not accept it
  2. IELTS UKVI: This is accepted by UK and other countries and Institutions

Where do you come in as our Partner?

At this start, you come in by marketing IELTS Exam Registrations to people and also marketing Training to them;

  • IELTS Exam Registrations
  • IELTS Training Services

We simply want you to expand your business and make more money but also more importantly we want you to keep to the details of our agreement.

Our Responsibility to you as our Partner

You will benefit the followings from us as you partner with us in this business;

  • We will take the official Exam registration rate from you; but you are free to add anything as your own; if the person pays the total sum into our official account, we will refund you the difference.
  • We will provide free IELTS preparatory Training for you so that over time you can be training people at your center yourself. But in the meantime, the training for the students will be done from our head office here through zoom. All you need is a laptop with internet services.
  • We will also award you certificate of partnership after three months assessment
  • Your business name will be displayed on our cooperate website with relevant information.


Cost Implications and your earnings

  1. Standard IELTS Exam official registration rate is 83,000 (You can add 10,000 as admin charges and send me the 83,000 to register the applicant
  2. IELTS UKVI Exam Official Registration Rate is 89,500 (You can add 10,000) to the applicant and take that difference then send us the 89,500 to register the applicant
  3. The Training: You will charge the student 30,000.00 for training and send me 20,000.00 (this is because at this beginning I will be the one conducting the exam but once you are good with the training, then, you will be taking 20,000 and sending me 10,000 for all training)

If you agree to this partnership then click on the link below and fill the form. Kindly notify me when you are done filling the form.


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