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Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick

Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick N’ Ovwi Aimhonwhenihi hails from Udoh in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State Nigeria. He is the last child of Chief Aisaboluokpia Aimhonwhenihi of Idunwhunekpen, Igware, Udoh in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State.  He attended Rumfa Special Primary School, Kano for his primary school, completed his secondary education at Tony Cheta College, Kano and studied Computer Science at Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia, Nasarawa State. He has also completed some professional Courses from the Popular Lagos Business School and Obtained An English Language International Certification from the renown World TESOL Academy among other academic achievements. 


Mr. Aisaboluokpia Fredrick is the Chief Executive Officer – CEO for FHOBS SOLUTIONS, He is an entrepreneur, a motivational and public speaker, ICT Trainer, International English Language Tutor, Webmaster, social media influencer and content creator. He started his business career on 31st September 2007 in Lugbe, Abuja (FCT)- Nigeria as FHOBs Computer Institute (the motto then was “A click to Excellence) and the services provided by Fhobs Computer Institute included Computer training services, Computer Repairs, Computer Network Setup / administrations, Internet services and later website development services. Discovering the need to raise a generation of very useful youths that will be in various leadership positions in Nigeria and beyond; he started organizing strategic youth summit during his graduation programmes to the extent that he was invited by Africa Independent Television -AIT for a live interview.  He managed this business from 2007 to around December 2015 when had to relocate to Asaba by Divine Order.  When he got to Asaba, Delta State in January 2016, he had to work with your some ICT firms like City Digital Consult and IDEAL IT Center due to insufficient capital to start to continue his training School. However, towards the end of 2017 God miraculously opened a door for him to start his ICT services business again but this time around with better courses and better prepared. By divine instruction, he was directed by God to register his business name with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria because because as at now (2017)- Fhobs Computer Institute has not yet be registered. After some consultations he has to change the business name to what you now know – FHOBs Solutions and registered it in 2018. 



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