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Our Objective

Our objective is to assist clients and individuals to increase their sales and create global awareness for their goods, products, services and to expand their reach, scope and market-potentiality through deliberate approaches and e-strategies. Again, we take pride in ensuring our students seat once for all their exams without having to re-write any of them by providing them best quality training in IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, TESOL and PTE geared towards high scores in these exams.

24Hours Assistance

We keep a constant contact with our numerous clients, through our live chat, our 24 hours/7days in a week hot mobile lines and contact forms.

We perform systemic and periodic checks on our clients’ websites to ensure continuous optimal performance of such websites and advice them accordingly should there be any need for upgrade.

Content Development

The content of your website, is as important as the design of your website itself, it is a good-looking website and call-to-action driven content that enhances the ranking of your website. This why at Fhobs Solutions we assist you to development professional content for your website, e-marketing services and help you to develop a professional Company Profile

What We Do

Our Services are broadly divided into ICT and English Proficiency Services

Computer Training Services

Computer Technology has become part and parcel of all human endeavors; this is why anyone alive today must be computer literate. At Fhobs Solutions we provide digital / computer skills training services. Our available computer courses ranges from basic computer courses, advance computer courses to professional courses like Website Development, Mobile Apps Development, Python programming, Java, UI/UX and other courses.


English Proficiency Exams

The need for English Proficiency Exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, GMAT, PTE and others have been on the continuous rise for more than a decade now, non-native speakers of the English Language like Nigerians who intend to relocate either permanently or temporarily for work or academic purposes to countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. are to take and pass any of these prescribed exam (s) as a major requirement for academic and employment purposes. As a registered agent with most of the organizers of these exams, Fhobs Solutions provides seamless services for preparatory classes and exam registration for these exams; IELTS, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, PTE etc. Our target is to assist you write any of these exams once without having to re-write it.

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ICT and Computer Deliverables

In this segment, we enhance the visibility of businesses and increase their Google Ranking by developing responsive, dynamic and highly optimized website for their businesses, products, services and brands while expanding their internet-scope with e-marketing strategies. So, We assist you in developing all kinds of business websites, ecommerce, mobile apps for androids and ios, offline management system and a host of other websites and web-apps. We have provided these services for several people and businesses both in Nigeria and outside the Country. Check our Portfolio using the link below for more details and how you can get a Quote from us.



Images From Our English Proficiency Training Sessions

Below are some of the images from our recent and ongoing preparatory sessions for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, PTE and SAT



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Periodically, we produce and release learning videos for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, GMAT, ICT even how to make money from the internet, if you are interested in being notified where we released such video (s); then ensure you subscribe and follow us on our YouTube Channel below;

What People Say About Us

What real people say about Us

Joan Nwoko

Joan Nwoko

Mother of Ikachukwu & Nnedinma

The children can’t stop talking about their experiences at your place (Fhobs Solutions), they even told me that they will love to return on another holiday but dem forget say no be free🤣
Thanks for taking good care of them and doing a good job by ensuring that they learnt what they went there for 🙏. 

A mother to two children who did their summer computer training with us


David Osawaru


My name is David Osawaru. I had my IELTS training with Fhobs solutions and got a band of 8.0, and passed all the components of the IELTS exam. I really appreciate Fhobs Solutions for a creative, passionate and intensive training done with the highest level of professionalism I have seen so far. I highly recommend Fhobs Solutions’ IELTS training.

helen akinlaja

Helen Akinlaja (Mrs.)

Proprietor / MD

I am Helen Akinlaja (Mrs.), the Proprietor of Cornerstone International School.  Fhobs Solutions developed and still administer my school website till date. Since it was developed, I have never had any downtime issue, neither has my website been attacked. This is because the website is dynamic and highly secured. I sincerely recommend Fhobs Solutions to anyone that needs websites/apps development services or any other service that they (Fhobs Solutions) provides.



Chris Agbo

MD/CEO- Epic Capital

Fhobs Solutions is one of the leading ICT companies in Nigeria that specialises in  website development and Management systems. My company- Epic Capital (IFCS) Ltd website was designed and developed by them and  I have never had any downtime issue, neither has my website been attacked. I don’t have any  reservation in recommending Fhobs Solutions as a reliable company  to anyone that needs websites/apps development services. Sir Chris Agbo. MD/CEO- Epic Capital (IFCS) Ltd.

patricia ezendu

Patricia Ezendu

General Manager: Qaardan UK Limited

Fhobs solutions have proven themselves to promise and deliver under the time stipulated. Our Website QAARDAN Educational Foundation now  has a new layout which looks modern and is attractive to prospective clients . Patricia Ezendu, General Manager

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